The Three Guarantees service framework agreement was signed by Rundong Auto, Asian Sports Village Automobile Exchange (ASVAE) and PICC Property & Casualty on July 14th. Rundong Auto enters ASVAE and promise that all its sales contain the Three Guarantees. Rundong Auto has become the first dealer which implements the Three Guarantees so far.

Representatives from AQSIQ, China-Europe Association, PICC Property & Casualty and Rundong Auto introduce the aims, implements and promotions of the Three Guarantees. Wang Yan, the vice director of Defective product management center AQSIQ, indicated that an obstacle is ahead if ‘Three Guarantees’ is not in work, we need the ‘Three Guarantees’to protect the confidence and safety of customers. Wang Yan also promote all the auto dealers to implement the ‘Three Guarantees’, so that to make the parallel import market more sustainable and healthier.

Rundong Auto offers the new cars sales and parallel import warranty based on the policy and customers. It offers the insurance to the imported vehicles (3years/60,000 km) of poor quality. The aim is to solve the problem of warranty, low down the risk and cost for customers.

Mr. Yan SuJian, the vice president of Rundong Auto, said ‘Rundong Auto take the lead to participate in the establishment of credit in enterprises, cooperate with competent authorities or supervising agencies to build a formal environment for parallel import, devote to be the advanced comprehensive dealer of luxury auto brand. We wish to try our best to protect the legitimate interest of customers. We believe that: For the sake of consumers, all meaningful attempt is worthy!’

For the sake of consumers, all meaningful attempt is worthy

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2015/7/23 0:00:00

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